Best Antifungal Cream in India

11 Best Antifungal Cream in India 2022

Skin problems not only give you pain but they come with itching that makes it more problematic. Mostly these skin problems are because of fungal infection.

And if you are facing the infection at any unexpected part of the body like private parts, or underarms that makes the condition even worse.

You can use some topical creams that not only cure your fungal infection but also gives you instant relief from itching.

Let’s go through 11 best antifungal creams in India along with a tiny buyer guide available in the end.

Best Fungal Infection Cream In India 2022

#1. Keeo AntiFungal Cream

 Keeo AntiFungal Cream

Keeo skin essentials anti-fungal cream protects against saddle sores, skin abrasions, and blisters. The cream is infused with tea tree oil, which has antibacterial antiseptic properties.

The witch hazel used in the cream is effective for inflammation. The aloe vera extract helps to soothe your skin, making it effective for heat rash, irritation, and other skin ailments.

Keeo cream also softens your cracked heel and dry elbows in case you are suffering with dry skin.

Pros of Keeo antifungal cream

  • Effective for any skin problems
  • Softens cracked heels and dry elbows
  • Moisturizes as well
  • Paraben and sulfate-free

Cons of Keeo antifungal cream

  • Price

Best For:

Ideal for fungal and bacterial skin infection

#2. Butterfly Antifungal Cream

Butterfly Antifungal Cream

Butterfly Ayurveda antifungal comes in the form of a gel, It works on any type of skin. You get a mix of ayurvedic ingredients such as Neem Oil, Kapoor Oil, Jaiphal Oil, Spearmint, Pine Oil & Vitamin E and Aloe Vera Gel. These ayurvedic herbs are highly effective in a various skin conditions.

The gel has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial properties to reduce infection and soothe your skin.

You can use butterfly antifungal cream in skin problems like dryness, itchiness, inflammation. Butterfly cream also prevents skin damages and promotes skin health. 

Pros of Butterfly antifungal cream

  • Prevents skin damages
  • Soothes dryness, itchiness
  • Promotes skin health

Cons of Butterfly antifungal cream

  • Only for skin fungal

Best For:

If you are looking for a gel for any skin fungal infections.

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#3. Greencure Magnoitch Herbal Anti-Itching Cream

Greencure Magnoitch Herbal Anti-Itching Cream

Greencure herbal anti-itching cream soothes your skin and reduces itching. The cream contains micro silvers that are effective for skin irritation and rashes. Calendula and zincum help to reduce skin irritation. Free from EDTA, PEG, parabens. Works great on any types of skin like dry, oily. Calm down skin irritation and helps to cure skin rashes. Effective for both fungal and bacterial infection.

Pros of Grreencure herbal

  • Heals very fast
  • Effective on itching, dryness, rashes
  • Prevents fungal and bacterial infection

Cons of Grreencure herbal

  • Non-returnable in case damage product received

Best For:

Ideal for itching, dryness, rashes, and also budget-friendly.

#4. Sirona Rash Cream

Sirona Rash Cream

Formulated from natural ingredients Sirona rash cream is an effective cream for rashes. The cream contains Tasmanian pepper fruit extract, vegetable squalane due, and agarwood oil.

This one is best for rashes, soreness which are caused due to sweating or rubbing in the intimate areas. It is an anti-chafing rash cream and also effective for rashes due to pads, diapers, waxing. A good cream for athletes, gym persons.

The cream is free from paraben, sulfate, or any chemical products.

Pros of Sirona rash cream

  • Effective for rashes due to pads, diapers, waxing
  • Natural and good product for any types of skin 
  • Worthy product

Cons of Sirona rash cream

  • Non-returnable in case damage product received

Best For:

If you are having rashes in intimate areas due to pads, diapers, or friction of thighs. 

#5. Kalp Tea Tree Anti-Fungal Cream

Kalp Tea Tree Anti-Fungal Cream

Kalp Tea Tree anti-fungal cream helps to unclog hair follicles and nourish the roots. The cream is made up of a natural product that is tea tree oil. Tea tree oil prevents acne and fights dandruff and lice. Moisturizes and nourishes your hair scalp and roots also.

The oil moisturizes your dry scalp also. The cream reduces inflammation, irritation, eczema, and acne. It has antiseptic properties that prevent nail fungus.

Pros of Kalp tea tree

  • Prevents dandruff, lice
  • Effective on skin infections
  • Reduces nail fungus

Cons of Kalp tea tree

  • Not-returnable in case damage product received

Best For:

An ideal cream for any type of fungal skin, hair.

#6. Itch Guard Plus Cream

Itch Guard Plus Cream

Itch guard plus cream, work faster on fungus and prevents it from spreading. The cream contains anti-fungal medication that is effective for skin infection.

The ingredients used in the creams are terbinafine hydrochloride and benzyl alcohol that help neutralize the acidic fungus and reduces the itching effect. 

Pros of Itch guard plus cream

  • Works faster
  • Prevent spreading of fungus
  • Effective on skin infection

Cons of Itch guard plus cream

  • Non-returnable in case any damaged product received

Best for:

Highly effective on fungal infections

#7. Ayurvedic Nixoderm Cream

Ayurvedic Nixoderm Cream

.Ayurvedic nixoderm cream is effective for all types of fungal infections. The cream is effective for fungal infections and skin rashes as well. The product is an ayurvedic product which is safe to use. It works magically on skin issues like acne and pimple.   

Pros of Ayurvedic nixoderm cream

  • Effective for fungal infection
  • Cures skin rashes
  • Good for fungal infection

Cons of Ayurvedic nixoderm cream

  • Price

Best For:

Fungal infections, skin rashes, skin infection.  

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#8. IYUSH Herbal Ointment 

IYUSH Herbal Ointment

IYUSH Ayurvedic antifungal cream is  infused with forest-grade herbs and botanical plants, medicinal herbs, and spices. Suitable for all skin problems. It prevents itching, ringworm, eczema. It also removes pregnancy stretch marks and cracked heels.

Pros of YUSH Herbal ointment 

  • Effective on any skin problem
  • Reduces Stretch marks and crack heels
  • Natural product, chemical-free 

Cons of YUSH Herbal ointment 

  • Price

Best For:

Ideal natural product for any skin problem or marks.

#9. Ring guard Antifungal Cream

Ring guard Antifungal Cream

The Ring guard cream is effective for fungal infections like ringworms. The cream has ingredients such as miconazole nitrate, neomycin sulfate, chlorocresol, The cream is effective on itching, athlete’s foot, burning, redness, and cracked skin. 

Pros of Ring guard antifungal cream

  • Effective for ringworms
  • Cures burning, redness
  • Good for itching

Cons of Ring guard antifungal cream

  • Chemical usage

Best For:

Fungal infections such as ringworm, itching, and also for burning, redness. 

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#10. Natex Ointment Anti-Fungal Cream

Natex Ointment Anti-Fungal Cream

Natex Ointment is effective on eczema, ringworm, and itching. Good product for athlete’s feet, jock itch, skin rash, and crack heels. It prevents fungal infection too.

Pros of Natex ointment

  • Value for money
  • Cures any skin diseases 
  • Effective for fungal infection

Cons of Natex ointment

  • The smell is not good

Best For:

If you want an ointment for any skin rashes, jock itch, and crack heels. 

#11. BioAyurveda Anti-Ringworm Cream

BioAyurveda Anti-Ringworm Cream

Bio Ayurveda anti-ringworm cream contains ingredients such as turmeric, camphor, black pepper, eucalyptus, lavender oil, and peppermint. The ingredients used in the cream make your feet feel soft, supple, hydrated, moisturized. Formulated from organic products that have a great effect on ringworm, foot infection, skin rash. Helps to repair dry, rough, itchy, flaky, and cracked heels. 

Pros of BioAyurveda cream

  • Prevents ringworm, skin rash
  •  Effective for any feet problems
  • Made from organic ingredients

Cons of BioAyurveda cream

  • A little expensive

Best For:

Effective on ringworm, skin rash, any foot diseases.

Things To Consider While Buying An Antifungal Cream


Antifungal cream or product must be able to cure any skin problem due to fungal. Also, it is good if it can prevent other skin problems.


First of all, check if in any case, it is sensitive to your skin or not. If it does not have any side effects on your skin, then go for it. 

Final Thoughts

Keeo AntiFungal Cream

An ideal cream for fungal infection and also is a good moisturizer. Also, cures cracked heels and dry elbows.

IYUSH Herbal Ointment 

A chemical-free and natural product are effective for ringworm, stretch mark, or any skin problems.

Natex Ointment Anti-Fungal Cream

Effective on various skin problems like jock itch, skin rash, and fungal infection.